Picasso And Paper

 On January 25 there was the preview of the “Picasso And Paper” exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art, here in London and will last until April 13 2020.

This exhibition presents a broad overview of Picasso’s lifelong engagement with paper. There are over 300 works in this immense exhibition, which traces the history and life of this great artist. The objects were chosen to show the range and diversity of his use paper, guided by the aim of illuminating the creative process of one the most inventive artists of our time. He assemble collages of cut-and-pasted; created sculptures from pieces of torn and burnt paper; produced both documentary photographs and manipulated photographs on paper; and spent decades investigating an array of printmaking techniques on paper support.

Picasso invented a universe of art involving various types of paper in myriad formats and contexts. This activity sprang from his inexhaustible compulsion to expand the boundaries of thought and aesthetic experience, and constitutes a significant contribution to the history of modern art.

I share with you some pictures of the preview.

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Royal Academy Of Art

Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

United Kingdom.