"The Left Side" - Ercole Pignatelli


With the exhibition “The left side”, I am pleased to present the latest work of Maestro Ercole Pignatelli, at a peculiar moment in all of our lives, but particularly his. Indeed, a little before lockdown, the artist broke the humerus in his right arm. 
Had he lost heart, this could have prevented him from continuing his work during the difficult historical period about to take place; but through his passion for his work, he found a way to overcome this obstacle and continue creating. For the first time in his long career and in his life, he used his left arm and hand to express himself! Imposed pauses can reveal themselves to be negative or positive. 
It depends on each individual’s reaction. Thus, in the middle of a pandemic, this incredible artist reinvented himself to leave a mark. 
Faced with such determination, I was surprised and incredulous, and wished to deepen my knowledge and follow the new path of this great man, who always has something to teach us. His language and his poetics remain unchanged. Both hemispheres comunicate the same sentiment. These are drawings full of poetry, with bright and positive colours. These drawings were realised within the privacy of his home in Milan, where the artist retraced, from his “left point of view”, the topics which have characterised and continue to characterise his work.
In “The left side”, I have made a selection of twenty four works on paper, which retrace this moment. These works are the story of a man who cannot be tamed, who does not give up when faced with hardships, a man who does not allow his destiny to slip into the hands of chance. It is the story of an artist who shouts at fate to claim his right to freedom and to responsibility for his choices. Instead of wasting his time despairing over what he has lost, he decides to get up and continue to look ahead, not allowing anyone, if not himself, to take control of his life: “he is the captain of his soul”.

His vital energy and his love for art have allowed him this.

Thank you, Maestro, for having once more passed on a great teaching of life.

For this occasion, and exclusively through Arteyes, the works are for sale.


Milano, 4/05/2020   h 21.16

Milano, 24/05/2020   h 18.45

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