Archeological Park in Selinunte – Sicily

Fernand Braudel (french historian) to the question: “What is the Mediterranean?”, answered: “a thousand things together. Not a landscape, but countless landscapes. Not a sea, but a session of seas. Not a civilisation, but a series of civilisation stacked on top of each other. Travelling in the Mediterranea means meeting the Roman world in Lebanon, prehistory in Sardinia, the Greek cities in Sicily, Arab presence in Spain, Turkish Islam in Yugoslavia”. 

This year I spent my summer holidays in Sicily, here nature and history are at home, and human is a respectful guest. 

Among the various places I visited, I was particularly struck 270 hectares of the archeological park in Selinunte, the largest in Europe. 

Of great emotional impact is the view of the temples, is a journey through history. Seven, named with letters of the alphabet, but each with a story to tell. Temple E, partially rebuilt in the 1950s, is the one that the represents the Doric style: temple G (Olympieion) this temple is one of the largest of the Greek world (8×17 columns), but never completed: and temple C dominates the acropolis. An itinerary covering all the most important areas will involve a walk of between 5 and 6 kilometres over about 4 or 5 hours. 

Until September 16, two exhibitions on the theme of memory are set up inside the Baglio Florio and can be visited. “Are you My Mother” and “Maps, Memory and Territory” are exhibitions created in collaboration with the Museum Riso in Palermo and the Mana Contemporary cultural centre in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. On display are photographic works by Jamie Diamond, Aleksandar Duravcevic and Eugene Lemay, which are linked with Giacomo Rizzo’s imposing sculpture, the Myosotis flower, better know as the forget-me-not, to remember the important events of hour history. During the summer, the temple of Hera will be the natural backdrop for the theatrical, musical and dance performances of the international festival “Stone Theatres”. 

Do not miss the chance ti visit this beautiful island!

Bye Bye