Lucas Dillon’s exhibition @freehouse gallery, London

On 3 May I went to Freehouse for the preview of Lucas Dillon. Last time I went to this gallery was for its opening. I was intrigued by his name, which when translated into my language has a beautiful meaning: opennes, freedom and sharing. The gallery is located in East London and its director is Darren Flook.

On the night of the opening I saw an exhibition that i wasn’t expecting to see, a group of very talented artists, who I didn’t immediately understand. I decided to take a step back before returning, just to see how it would develop. In the following exhibitions, there have been some very interesting artists.

The gallery is open to young artists, where they are given opportunity to express them selves freely. I returned to see “Earthtone” by Lucas Dillon, a young Irish artist. His paintings have a definite individual personality which combined with his own imagination and logic transforms into codes. There codes display abstract and figurative ideas together without making it obvious. He knows how to combine art and music, together and although images and sounds are in contrast with each other, he is able to create a pleasant harmony. The exhibition expresses a lot about him. Given his young age, I believe he still needs to develop, but he’s on the right track.

I would recommend this exhibition to everyone. It opens on 23 June 2019 at Freehouse gallery.

Good Luck!