Cover Project 2019

ARTeyes is my first blog, written after a lenghty period of deliberation.

Cover Project” is a project which I’ve written and edited myself, which involves a group of artists with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working in Italy. I gave each artist a word from the Italian language. I chose the words based on their work and my personal knowledge of each artist. The aim of the project is to insure we remember the Italian language and where it comes from, even if the blog is in English. Each artist has to interpret the meaning of the word which has its own deep meaning, creative ability and own talent. I gave each artist a micro theme to be developed into a single work on paper. I will write in English (or at least try) but the words will be in Italian. In my opinion, linguistic identity doesn’t always correspond to the identity of the person. I believe that we can express openness, freedom and debate through communication.

The cover will change as and when we decide.

I would like to thank all the artists who have supported me, and I look forward to working with you again in future project.

  • “Prospettiva”
  • Simone Pellegrini- S.T., 37x27 cm, 2018 - Semplicità
  • “Sognare”
  • nico lopez bruchi ricerca
  • “Caos”
  1. Ercole Pignatelli – 2019 – “Prospettiva” – Tecnica mista su carta
  2. Simone Pellegrini – S.T., 37×27 cm, 2018 – “Semplicità
  3. Francesco Di Luca – Serie Kura Halos, 2019 – “Sognare
    Tecnica mista su carta cotone
  4. Nico Lopez Bruchi – “Ricerca” – Tecnica mista su carta
  5. Luca Coser – “Caos” – Tecnica mista e collage su carta da parati 
    Iniziata nel 2018 finita nel 2019 per Cover Project

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